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The AltaRica Association provides the systems engineering and reliability engineering communities with two types of products:


The AltaRica Association hosts the intellectual property of a number of software tools. Some of these tools are publicly available, some others are used only for teaching or research purposes.

AltaRica Wizard

AltaRica Wizard is an integrated modeling environment for the high level modeling language AltaRica 3.0.

AltaRica Wizard provides most of expected functionalities of a code editor: syntax highlighting, management of copy and paste, line numbering and so on. AltaRica Wizard manages AltaRica 3.0 models into projects. Projects gather the different AltaRica source files of a model, as well as some files generated by assessment tools.

In addition to model authoring functionalities, AltaRica Wizard embeds three tool chains to assess AltaRica 3.0 models:

These assessment tools are developed independently of AltaRica Wizard. Some of them have been developed in the in the framework of the OpenAltaRica project hosted by IRT SystemX.

As of today, AltaRica Wizard and the associated assessment tools are distributed by IRT SystemX. To learn more and to download the AltaRica Wizard, please visit the OpenAltaRica project web page.


Simply put, XFTA is a powerful and efficient calculation engine for fault trees and related models. XFTA is however much more than that:

To get more information on XFTA and to download the tool and its documentation, please visit the XFTA web page.

Courses and Trainings

The AltaRica association proposes courses and trainings that can be given in academic and industrial contexts. This includes:

Courses and trainings can be delivered on-line or on-site, according to the needs of the hosting structure.

Do not hesitate to contact us at AltaRica Association for more information.