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AltaRica is a high level formal modeling language dedicated to Safety Analysis. The first version of the language has been created at the Computer Science Laboratory of Bordeaux (LaBRI) at the end of the nineties. AltaRica is an event-centric language. Deterministic or stochastic delays can be associated with events in order to obtain (stochastic) timed models. In AltaRica, the behavior of components is described by means of state machines. The state of a component is represented by variables (so-called state variables) and their values. The changes of state are possible when, and only when, an event occurs. The occurrence of an event updates the values of the variables.

AltaRica distinguished two types of variables: State variables that can be modfied only through the firing of transitions; Flow variables whose values are calculated from those of state variables thanks to a mechanismdescribed by means of the so-called assertions. The assertion is executed after each transition firing. Flow variables are used to model information circulating between components of a model, i.e. eventually to model remote interactions between these components.

The behavior of components is described by nodes (also called classes). Components can be assembled into hierarchies, their inputs and outputs can be connected and their transitions can be synchronized. Models of components can be stored in libraries, what favors the reuse of models and the capitalization of knowledge.

AltaRica 3.0 is a new version of AltaRica modeling language. The new underlying mathematical model - Guarded Transition Systems - makes it possible to handle systems with instant loops and to define acausal components (components for which the input and output flows are decided at run time). The language provides new constructs to structure models coming from S2ML (System Structure Modeling Language).

AltaRica 3.0 is, in fact, a combination of its underlying mathematical model and the paradigm to structure models:

AltaRica 3.0 = S2ML + GTS

AltaRica 3.0 is in the core of the OpenAltaRica project conducted by IRT SystemX.

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