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S2ML (System Structure Modeling Language)

System engineering modeling formalisms and languages are made of two parts:

  • An underlying mathematical model, that is capturing some aspect of the behavior of the system, e.g. differential equations for Modelica and Matlab-Simulink, Data-Flow equations for Lustre, Guarded Transition Systems for AltaRica.
  • A structuring paradigm that makes it possible to build models by assembling parts (usually copied from libraries of reusable components) into hierarchical descriptions. E.g. Modelica is an object-oriented formalism. This structural part is usually flattened/compiled before the actual treatments take place.

Modeling Language = Mathematical Model + Structuring Paradigm

S2ML is a freely available, prototype oriented modeling language that aims at providing a necessary and sufficient set of concepts to describe functional and/or physical structures of systems and to structure models.

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